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Circuit Breaker Changes

After getting some reviews back, we realized that a couple of changes were needed to make the game even better. We are jazzing up some of the graphics, adding a third occurrence of each appliance, changing some appliances entirely, reducing the size of the tiles, and reducing the number of appliances. We're also testing new ideas for making the solo game more satisfying for folks who really love solo games. Here's a breakdown of all the changes:

1. Jazzing up the Graphics & Changing some Appliances Entirely

This is something that we had been feeling for some time, but it took a reviewer to point it out for us to take action. The reviewer told us that the theme was fun and whimsical, but the appliances and some of the graphics did not reflect that whimsy, and thus detracted from the theme. We have taken away some of the more boring appliances in exchange for fun party-related electrical doodads. In your copy of Circuit Breaker, you can expect to find things like the Karaoke Machine, the Pizza Oven, and the Bubble Maker, as well as many other appliances to make your party the best on your block.

2. Adding a Third Occurrence of Each Appliance & Reducing the Appliance Deck

Another reviewer mentioned that the set collection part of this game falls a bit flat because there were only two occurrences of each appliance in a rather large deck. We hadn't considered this game to be much of a set collection game, but we liked the idea. We are adding a third occurrence of each appliance and shrinking the size of the deck to make set collection shine through more than before. Circuit Breaker isn't going to be a strong set collection game, and it wasn't made to be such, but for those of you who like set collection, it will be more satisfying.

3. Reducing the Size of the Tiles

Originally the tiles were set at 2.75" x 2.75". With the way that each player's electrical grid builds out over the course of the game, Circuit Breaker required a large play area. As a small box game, we heard that this wasn't ideal. We've reduced the tiles to 2.25" x 2.25", which should make the electrical grids smaller to accommodate smaller play areas. This change has not affected the graphics much - there was quite a bit of blank space around appliances that we cut out, so the appliances appear larger on the tiles and the space required to play the game is much more manageable. We think this is a great change, and one that you all will appreciate when you're playing it on your tables.

4. Solo Mode

We've heard mixed reviews on the solo game. Some folks really love it the way it is, and others want a little more out of it. The biggest change that we're working on is how to create a win-lose scenario. Currently, the win-lose is based around getting all of the appliances on your secret objective card. This win-lose condition will likely work better now that the Appliance Deck is being altered for set collection. We're working with some skilled individuals to find the best way to make Solo Mode satisfying for all types of board gamers.

These changes are going to enhance the theme and game play, which is exactly what Circuit Breaker needs. We think it's a solid gateway game, as one reviewer stated. It has a nice mix of different mechanics, some deeper strategy that grows as you familiarize yourself with the game, but is still light enough for new gamers and even children. Because of these changes to the graphics, especially, we have pushed our launch date back to June 12, 2018.

We hope that you like what you've seen in this post, and will consider supporting us on Kickstarter on June 12.


Pete & Hannah

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