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Protospiel Mini, TCGC, and Other Happenings

Protospiel Mini & Circuit Breaker

This weekend was so fantastic for board gaming. On Saturday afternoon, we went to a Protospiel Mini in Bloomington, and it was a great event. We met several new designers, and played their games-in-progress. We also got some new folks to play Circuit Breaker, and it was well received. Next steps are to play test the team mode, which we're really excited about.

One of the things that some people dislike about Circuit Breaker is the low player count. To combat this issue, we are working on rules for a team mode that can support up to 6 people. So far, in testing, it brings out a really quirky and fun dynamic between teammates and their opponents. Team Circuit Breaker does require 2 copies of the game to play, but if you have a copy and your friend or family member has a copy, then it should be no problem. During the campaign, we're also going to offer a small discount for buying 2 copies at a time to incentivise people to try it out, since we think it's pretty cool and worthwhile.


Saturday evening we went to a friend's house for game night, and they wanted us to teach them how to play SECTRE! We played it twice through, and it was a lot of fun. The most rewarding part about becoming board game publishers has been to see others playing our games and having fun with them. We absolutely love seeing photos of you and your board gaming group enjoying our games, so if you have a copy of SECTRE, don't forget to tag us in some photos on social media. It really makes our day.

TCGC (Twin Cities Game Crafters)

When we decided to start this company, we joined a play test group that has since transformed and grown into the Twin Cities Game Crafters. We meet at least once a week to test everyone's games, and we've seen some really neat projects come through. There are some talented designers in our community, and it's been great to support them, and feel their support for our board games. If you're interested in a group like this, reach out to us, and we'll get you in on the fun.

Exciting Things to Come

Circuit Breaker launches on Kickstarter on June 5, and we're really looking forward to this campaign. It's been a treat to work on, and no matter how the campaign goes, we know that we've got a really great board game that we hope to share with the world. Circuit Breaker will be at Origins this year at the IGA booth, and we're going to enjoy the convention and put more faces to names. It's coming up so quickly! Follow us on Twitter if you're interested in meeting up, and we'll try to connect with you.


Pete & Hannah

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