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abstract strategy

Pattern Building

tile laying


Players decide on a color at the start of the game, and whenever a player scores a shape in that color, they take control of the promo card.


Whoever has this card at the end of the game gains the 5 victory points.


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SECTRE is an Abstract Strategy game for 2-6 players with a goal of scoring points by building shapes from colors on the board. Pattern recognition skills are sharpened as shapes are picked out in an ever evolving tapestry of color.


Plan your moves accordingly to keep your options open. Your next move will always be on the tip of your tongue - can you manage to keep it a secret?

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"It is great fun no matter the player count and I can't say I have played another game quite like it. It has similarities of course, but at the end of the day it is a well designed and superbly fun experience with friends."

- Cody Fueyo

"Played quickly, SECTRE is an enjoyable pastime that handles up to six people, and that might be a hole in your collection."

- Eric Burgess

"SECTRE will appeal to all fans of abstract games, math based games or classic games like chess. The puzzle like element of it makes it surprisingly thinky for a game with such simple rules."

- Katrina Demeanour

"The more we play SECTRE, the more we enjoy its clever options. If you like abstract games, then you should definitely pay attention to it too."

- Dusan Vit

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