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Introducing Party Favors: A Circuit Breaker Update

This weekend was particularly busy with Circuit Breaker. We play tested it several times, and made some big changes. Previously, there was always a wire available for purchase no matter what your dice roll is. The lower the cost, the least helpful they were, and we realized that we really didn't have any use for the wires numbered 1-4. They were a nuisance to hold on to, and players only used them to trade in for more appliances. Those wires have left the building. Now we have "Party Favors"!

"Party Favors" are little cubes that directly translate to points at the end of the game. Players can still score points by connecting appliances, but since the electrical grids can be so volatile, these "Party Favors" are a steady pool of points for the end of the game. They also make it possible to use the mouse token nearly every turn, which provides more player interaction and more fun overall.

We updated the Circuit Breaker web page to reflect the new contents of the game, so if you haven't checked out what you'll be getting in your box - head on over and take a look!

With this change, we believe that Circuit Breaker is done*. Next steps include: Tabletopia, Reviews, and sending new play test kits to the IGA for more testing.

*Is anything ever really done? We're happy with the game, and there may be some minor changes made along the way, but we're putting the brush down and taking a step back for now.

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