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 Circuit Breaker is a casual strategy game FOR 2-4 PLAYERS.

All players attempt to successfully re-wire their own houses in time for a hastily scheduled house party, and will score points by connecting a variety of quirky electrical doodads to their home circuits.

set collection and a crafty rodent will be put to use in a fun and cheeky race to be the most 'happening' place on the block.

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Circuit Breaker is coming to Kickstarter Fall 2018

what's in the box?

4 Breaker Boxes

12 Secret Objective Cards

4 Reference Cards

1 Round Counter

4 Mouse Tokens

48 Appliance Tiles

12 Cheese Cubes

1 Round Counter Cube

1 Full-Color Rule Book

36 Wire Tiles


(Note: All reviews were done prior to gameplay changes & will be updated when new reviews become available).

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